Medical Reports

We are professionals in medical legal field offering the finest medical legal reporting 
We are taking high volume of instructions on monthly bases and successfully preparing up to 1500 medical reports per year
All arrangements are done promptly and accurately to meet all demands 
Reports are released to instructing parties within 5-10 working days since the date of client’s examination  
We are cooperating with qualified and well experienced medical experts fully regulated with GMC council and other professional bodies. 
Our Medical experts are prepared to provide honest declarations for court hearings and offer professional opinion within their area of expertise only.
We are offering wide range of medical reports starting from GP consultants, A&E experts, Orthopaedists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and others depending on client’s and instructing party’s needs. 

Our commitment is to deliver high quality medical reports effectively and prevent any unforeseen circumstances to the best of our knowledge and services. 

Fairly we are keen to prevent any delays and offer high standard results in return. 

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