About us

Welcome to Polmedi Ltd.

We are fast expanding medical –legal agency specializing in professional medical legal services. 
We are based in Northamptonshire with coverage of services throughout the whole UK
We are offering the finest medical legal reporting with prompt arrangements and fast turnarounds.

Our team is fully trained and competent to meet all needs of our clients and collaborative parties. 

Our main focus is on injured party to provide prompt impartial consultations and reports from highly qualified and well experienced medical experts.

Instructed experts are degree qualified with extensive medical legal experience and also fully regulated with GMC council and other professional bodies. 

Our aim is to serve well organized and professionally focus all labour commitments on customers and delivering desired services.  

Customer is priority; therefore we commit ourselves to continuous evolving and effective enhancing of top management and all our services. 

Regular innovations are taking fundamental place to differ us from conventional medical agencies. 

Our main focus is to highlight all assets and deliver the finest reports cost effectively and with minimum of inconvenience for you and your client.

Don’t hesitate, evaluate. Let us to meet your requirements.
And use all benefits in return. 


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